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聖彼得斯堡, 佛羅里達州, 美國

St. Petersburg | Eckerd College




ELS St. Petersburg位於艾克學院(Eckerd College)的濱海校園內,該學院地處佛羅里達熱帶型氣候的西海岸。聖彼得斯堡(St. Petersburg)常常被稱為「陽光之城」,以其溫和的氣候、白色的沙灘及美麗的日落而聞名。城市裡有博物館、豐富的夜生活及水上運動,前往佛羅里達的大型主題樂園也非常方便。 

特色: 大學認證課程


4200 54th Avenue South, 聖彼得斯堡, 佛羅里達州, 美國


  • 海灘: 從語言中心出發,五分鐘即可到達佛羅里達的白色沙灘!
  • 市中心: 在每個月的第一個週五,市中心聚滿了街頭音樂家、攤販及戶外活動。
  • 娛樂: 佛羅里達聞名世界的主題樂園與水上樂園都在90分鐘車程範圍內。

St. Petersburg | Eckerd College


  • 合作大學
    • Eckerd College
  • 住宿選項
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
    • Homestay
  • 中心設施
    • Learn to kayak, canoe, sail or paddleboard at the waterfront
    • Sunbathe, relax in a hammock or dolphin watch at the waterfront beach
    • Take a dance or yoga class at the fitness center
    • Play and watch basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and baseball
    • Visit two of the USA's top beaches only minutes away
  • 城市環境
  • 郊區


Student Residence (On Campus)

West Lodge is open to ELS students under the following criteria:

1. Students must be between the ages of 18 and 25;

2. Students must be enrolled in EAP or GEN 3. Students must stay for a minimum of 2 consecutive sessions.

Shared rooms in on campus lodge-style student residence. Private bathroom (per room). Each room has 2 beds, desks, closet, a color TV (with cable), and Internet access. Most, but not all, rooms are equipped with phones. Linens are provided. Rooms are cleaned once weekly. Married Couple rooms may be available on campus with prior arrangements if both parties study at ELS. Each student pays full housing fee. Self-service laundry machines are available in the student residence for a small fee. Security: Each room has its own key, and there is a security checkpoint at the campus entrance. An Eckerd College Resident Assistant resides in the student residence.

  • 每期課程價格
  • $1600
  • 占用
  • Double Deluxe - Contact ELS for Married Couple rate/availability.
  • 餐點點數
  • 19 meals per week


Host families that are outside walking or biking distance to the center will drive ELS students to the campus in the morning and pick them up after class and activities.

$200 Key/Damage Deposit required. 

  • 每期課程價格
  • $1352
  • 占用
  • Single
  • 餐點點數
  • 14 meals per week



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