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拉孚恩, 加州, 美國

La Verne | University of La Verne




ELS La Verne位於加州拉孚恩(La Verne)的拉孚恩大學(University of La Verne)校園內,拉孚恩是洛杉磯東部一座安全的小城。拉孚恩是一個友善的住宅社區,公司、商店及餐廳林立,公共交通便捷。拉孚恩距離海灘、博物館及包括廣受歡迎的主題樂園在內的觀光勝地都不遠。 

1886 Third Street, 拉孚恩, 加州, 美國


  • 蓋蒂中心(J. Paul Getty Center): 蓋蒂中心收藏著世界上最傑出的藝術品。
  • 亨廷頓海灘(Huntington Beach): 亨廷頓每年平均有340天陽光明媚,這裡有海灘、商店及餐廳。
  • 好萊塢環球影城® 作為洛杉磯地區最受歡迎的旅遊景點之一,其遊樂設施以熱門電影場景和角色為基礎,別具特色。

La Verne | University of La Verne

(909) 593-5555

  • 合作大學
    • University of La Verne
  • 住宿選項
    • Homestay
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
  • 中心設施
    • Art Gallery
    • Chapel
    • Computer Center
    • Park (Sneaky Park)
    • Romero Family Lounge and Game Room & Lounges (Rinehart, Laird and Root Lounge)
    • Gymnasium
    • Football/Soccer Field
  • 城市環境
  • 城市



  • Homestay Families offer a personable and friendly environment to all students as they are sensitive to student's needs. ELS wants both student and Homestay Family to have a pleasant and memorable experience to gain a rewarding and everlasting friendship.
  • Many Homestays are located in residential communities
  • All Homestays are within 45 minutes of walking and/or public transportation (students are responsible for their own personal transportation)
  • Many students ride their bicycle to school and lock their bicycle at designated racks

  • 每期課程價格
  • $1132
  • 占用
  • Single
  • 餐點點數
  • 14 meals per week.

Student Residence (On Campus)

  • Vista Residence Hall is conveniently located in the center of campus and is only a 5-7 minute walk to our La Verne Center. Vista is in close proximity to downtown La Verne, with numerous shopping and dining options. This on-campus residence offers modern suite style living for students. Each suite offers two single rooms, two double rooms, four private bathrooms and a living-room. Clean and modern double rooms will host ELS students, while the single rooms will host University of La Verne students, providing the ideal setting for students to learn and acclimate to American and University culture and community. The building boasts a large community lounge with a full kitchen and stove, community lounges and study rooms on each floor. Each suite offers:
  • Fully furnished shared living room with a flat screen cable TV
  • Fully furnished bedrooms
  • Central air and heating
  • Wi-Fi access
  • State of the art laundry facilities

  • 每期課程價格
  • $1124
  • 占用
  • - Check in Procedure: Arrive the Sunday before the beginning of classes. Check in between 3:00pm and 9:00pm at the reception desk located inside the main entrance of the Vista Residence Hall.

    Check Out Procedure: Students must check out on departing Saturday by 10am.
  • 餐點點數
  • No meals included in housing pricing. Full kitchen with stove available for resident use on the first floor of the Vista building.



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