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辛辛那提, 俄亥俄州, 美国

Cincinnati | University of Cincinnati




ELS辛辛那提语言中心位于俄亥俄州辛辛那提市的辛辛那提大学校园内。辛辛那提位于美国中西部, 是一个兼具活力与文化多元性的城市。学校的步行范围内有住宅、餐厅、商店和公交站点。在这里,您可以参加体育活动、参观博物馆,也可以在辛辛那提的某个公园内散步。


60 West Charlton Street, 辛辛那提, 俄亥俄州, 美国


  • 辛辛那提动物和植物园: 辛辛那提动物和植物园是美国第二古老的动物园,以拥有濒危特种而著称。
  • 辛辛那提艺术博物馆: 该博物馆是全美最负盛名的艺术博物馆之一,以馆藏有19世纪的欧美画作而广为人知。
  • 辛辛那提公园: 这里有占地2025公顷的城市公园和与市区接壤、占地4900公顷的县公园,您可以在其中尽情放松和游玩。

Cincinnati | University of Cincinnati

(513) 556-4034

  • 合作大学
    • University of Cincinnati
  • 住宿选项
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
    • Homestay
  • 城市环境
  • 城市


Student Residence (On Campus)

  • Schneider Hall houses 168 residents in suite-style accommodations. Floors are coed, suites are single gender. Suites are arranged with four people each having an individual bedroom. In-Suite Amenities:
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator / Freezer unit. Building Amenities:
  • Lounge with television
  • Vending area
  • Laundry facilities

  • 每学期费用
  • $1132
  • 入住情况
  • Single
  • 用餐积分
  • No meals included


ELS Cincinnati has a very well established homestay program with a variety of families to accommodate students' interests and needs. Living with a homestay family allows students to immerse themselves in American culture as well as practice their English skills on a daily basis. Cincinnati's homestay families offer a warm and welcoming environment. The homes are just a bus ride away from the ELS Center. They are also located close to attractions and events throughout Cincinnati. The families' homes are located in safe residential neighborhoods that are easily accessible to campus by either a shuttle or a bus.
Homestay students should notify their host families or ELS of their arrival times so that families will know to be home when they arrive. Students are responsible for their own transportation to ELS. Students can take the city bus at a reduced rate with their UC ID card.

  • 每学期费用
  • $1100
  • 入住情况
  • Single
  • 用餐积分
  • 14 meals per week

Student Residence (On Campus)

  • Scioto Hall offers fresh, apartment style living for students with on-campus convenience. In-Suite Amenities:
  • 2-person studios with a 10 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 3-person studios with a 10 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 4-person, 2-bedroom/1-bath with an 18.1 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • Kitchen in each apartment, includes countertop microwave and cooktop/oven combination
  • Vinyl composition tile flooring in bedroom, living area, and kitchen
  • Ceramic tile bathrooms
  • Hard-wire and wireless internet connections in all rooms
  • All utilities included Building Amenities:
  • Hall laundry
  • Hall study lounge
  • Recreational equipment on lobby floor
  • Keyless entry into the buildings
  • Two elevators
  • Multiple laundry rooms with state-of-the-art technology on each floor

  • 每学期费用
  • $1132
  • 入住情况
  • Double
  • 用餐积分
  • No meals included. Rooms have in-suite kitchenettes and refrigerator/freezer units.



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