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圣路易斯, 密苏里州, 美国

St. Louis | University of Missouri – St. Louis





One University Blvd, 圣路易斯, 密苏里州, 美国


  • 圣路易斯拱门: 这一不锈钢结构的建筑物高192米。
  • 森林公园: 这一庞大的公园内有动物园、夏日音乐会、季节性节庆活动、博物馆及高尔夫球场。
  • 职业运动与大学运动: 圣路易斯拥有很多职业棒球队和曲棍球队,此外还有很多竞争力强的大学运动队。

St. Louis | University of Missouri – St. Louis

(314) 516-4621

  • 合作大学
    • University of Missouri - St. Louis
  • 住宿选项
    • Homestay
  • 中心设施
    • Students can enjoy our large, open lawn at the Center. We have 3 picnic tables and various soccer balls, frisbees & volleyballs for students.
    • Our computer lab is available to students during all business hours
    • Refrigerator and microwaves are available at the Center for student use. Many students bring their lunch to the Center.
    • Coffee and tea are offered free to students every day.
  • 城市环境
  • 郊区



Students in homestays have a very rewarding experience. They can learn English faster, as they have guaranteed practice every day. They also learn a lot about American lifestyles and American culture, especially regarding our holidays and festival celebrations. Our hosts help the student take public transportation to the Center on the first day. Our hosts look forward to meaningful conversations with the students. Many students remain friends with the families long after the homestay has ended.
The student always has a private bedroom with linens provided, and they are welcome to use the kitchen. For bathrooms, in some homes it is a shared bathroom and in some homes it might be a private bathroom.

  • 每学期费用
  • $920
  • 入住情况
  • Single
  • 用餐积分
  • 14 meals per week. Meals vary with each Homestay host. Typically, this will be a continental breakfast such as milk & cereal, or toast & juice, or coffee and donuts. Dinner will usually be a home-cooked hot meal which the host eats together with the student.



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