ELS Miami语言中心 - 美国迈阿密海岸 - ELS 

迈阿密海岸, 佛罗里达州, 美国

Miami | Barry University




ELS迈阿密语言中心位于贝瑞大学校园内,该大学坐落于迈阿密郊外的迈阿密海岸。迈阿密长年阳光普照、海水温暖舒适、沙滩洁净美丽,非常适合各项户外活动,如帆板运动、浮潜、喷气式滑水车运动和划船等。 在迈阿密,您还可以参加艺术节、音乐节、电影节和美食节、购物、听音乐会及观看体育比赛。

11300 NE Second Avenue, 迈阿密海岸, 佛罗里达州, 美国


大沼泽地国家公园: 该公园内有:沼泽地、大草原及亚热带丛林,以及14种珍稀濒危物种。

迈阿密水族馆: 该水族馆与野生生物保护中心位于比斯坎湾,距离迈阿密市区仅数分钟路程。

装饰艺术区: 迈阿密南海滩区是世界上规模最大的艺术装饰性建筑集中地。

Miami | Barry University

(305) 899-3390

  • 合作大学
    • Barry University
  • 住宿选项
    • Homestay
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
  • 中心设施
    • Located on the campus of Barry University in a quiet, safe, suburb north of Miami, Florida.
    • Two main bus routes pass in front of the main entrance of the campus
    • Many dining options for snacks and full meals, including sports bar
    • Barry Arts facilities offer regular theater performances, art exhibitions, and musical events
    • University sports teams competitive matches during the school year
  • 城市环境
  • 郊区



Some students travel to the campus by foot. Many ELS Miami host families provide bicycles. Students can also take a bus to campus. Some homestays are further away from campus and the bus will be the only transportation option. Some hosts pick up the students after school or drive to school in the morning, but not every day.

  • 每学期费用
  • $1080
  • 入住情况
  • Single
  • 用餐积分
  • 14 meals per week. Students are provided breakfast and dinner on school days. On weekends, families provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Student Residence (On Campus)

Students are housed in Mottram Doss Dormitory. These are suite-style rooms. Each suite consists of a large shared living room, five shared bedrooms and two full baths. Residence is less than a five-minute walk to classes. Shared rooms include two beds, two dressers, two desks, and two chairs. Linens are included. Free wireless internet. On campus snack bar and cafe. Roving Barry University security. In order to live in this option, students MUST have the meal plan. Please note that some meal disruptions may occur during the university academic year.

In order to live in on-campus housing, students MUST arrive with the completed immunization forms from the ELS welcome packet.

Barry University is a non-smoking campus, which includes the residential hall

  • 每学期费用
  • $1400
  • 入住情况
  • Double
  • 用餐积分
  • 19 meals per week.



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