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ELS was named Study Travel’s 2019 ‘Best Chain School’ at the 2019 ST Star Awards. Читать еще
сентября 06, 2019

Our University Preparation program at the prestigious Lawrenceville School is now accepting enrollments for the 2018 summer session!

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апреля 03, 2018

In “Discover: ELS Vancouver Summer Youth Camp” students and staff discuss their experiences learning English at the exciting and fun camp located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

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марта 13, 2018

We will be going live on Facebook in Seattle on Tuesday, 16 January 2018 at 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST!

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января 12, 2018
California Lutheran University and ELS Educational Services, Inc. have signed a new agreement to develop a graduate pathways program aiming to enhance the University’s international student educational experience and extend its global reach.  Читать еще
января 03, 2018

ELS is proud to support international education in Colombia via the ELS Agent Workshop 2017, What’s New: ELS 2018. The event took place in Bogotá, Colombia on 17, October 2017 and featured some of our university and agent partners.

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декабря 14, 2017
Hailiang Education Group, in cooperation with ELS Educational Services, Inc., organized and hosted an event inaugurating the Community Colleges China Union (CCCU).  Читать еще
декабря 12, 2017
ELS Language Experience+ это гибкакя программа по изучению английского языка, такая же уникальная, как вы. Читать еще
декабря 01, 2017

ELS University Guide Online provides you with a list of over 180 universities that offer scholarships for international students. These universities provide financial opportunities for international students to achieve their educational goals.

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ноября 17, 2017

Our Facebook page has reached 3 million likes! 

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мая 10, 2017

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