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ELS Educational Services, Inc. announced the appointment of Theresa Pettersson as the company’s Vice President of Pathway Partnerships.  자세히 알아보기
8월 17, 2018
ELS Educational Services, the largest U.S. provider of on-campus English language training, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kuwait University’s Center of Excellence in the College of Business Administration to initiate an educational collaboration that will support the Center of Excellence in its mission to improve and enhance the educational opportunities of its students and the community.  자세히 알아보기
8월 08, 2018

ELS Educational Services, Inc. one of the leading language services providers in the world – has added two new locations to its ELS Language Experience+ Vacation English program: San Diego, California and Boston, Massachusetts. Both locations will be offering the new Language Experience+ program starting in June 2018.

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3월 06, 2018
On December 13, California Lutheran University (Thousand Oaks, CA), and ELS Educational Services, Inc. (Princeton, NJ) signed a new agreement to develop a graduate pathways program aiming to enhance the University’s international student educational experience and extend its global reach.  자세히 알아보기
12월 19, 2017
Hailiang Education Group in cooperation with ELS Educational Services, Inc., organized and hosted an event at Hailiang Foreign Language School at Hailiang Education Park in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province inaugurating the Community Colleges China Union (CCCU) – a collaboration of American colleges and universities whose goal is to provide Chinese students with a pathway toward quality higher education in the U.S.  자세히 알아보기
12월 13, 2017
ELS Educational Services, Inc. – one of the leading language services providers worldwide – has launched a new vacation English language program, ELS Language Experience+, which is set to begin enrollment for January 2018.  자세히 알아보기
11월 16, 2017
ELS Educational Services, Inc. – einer der weltweit führenden Sprachdienstleister – hat ein neues Programm für Sprachreisen in die USA gestartet: Der Anmeldebeginn für ELS Language Experience+ ist für Januar 2018 geplant.  자세히 알아보기
11월 16, 2017
ELS Educational Services, Inc., uno de los proveedores líderes de servicios lingüísticos a nivel mundial, lanzó un nuevo programa de inglés para vacaciones, Experiencia de ELS Language+, programado para comenzar clases  en enero de 2018. 자세히 알아보기
11월 16, 2017
ELS Educational Services, Inc. – l’un des plus grands fournisseurs de services linguistiques au monde – lance un nouveau programme d’anglais pendant les vacances, baptisé ELS Language Experience+. Les inscriptions ouvriront en janvier 2018.  자세히 알아보기
11월 16, 2017
O ELS Educational Services, Inc. – um dos líderes mundiais em prestação de serviços linguísticos – divulgou um novo programa de férias do idioma inglês, o ELS Language Experience+, com início das inscrições previsto para janeiro de 2018.  자세히 알아보기
11월 16, 2017

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