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ELS Santa Monica Offers Kazakh Students Intensive Pre-Masters English Program

9 26, 2019 3:11 오후

ELS Santa Monica was selected to offer high-achieving students from Kazakhstan who are recipients of the Bolashak International Scholarship, a customized Intensive Pre-Masters English Program to help them prepare for graduate school at elite post-secondary institutions.

The curriculum focused on best practices for conducting research and the process of writing academic papers, creating and delivering presentations, and managing expectations while in the United States. This was a rewarding experience for both the students and their teacher, Hamid Ahari.

Our instructor, Hamid Ahari wrote a departing poem to all the students that reads:

Along the days of teaching
Came along
A new group
With a sense of learning

Along the path
They gave
They shared
They explored
They inquired
They states
They brought joy
That lighted the path

Along the course of time
They marked the passage
They formed the passage
They led the passage
And they let it be the time
To depart and embark on their journey of purpose

We wish them great success and look forward to hosting similar groups in the future.

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