ELS Boston Downtown Student Meets Former US Ambassador 

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ELS/Boston Student Meets Former US Ambassador

2 02, 2018 3:00 오후

In December of 2017, an ELS/Boston Super-Intensive English student, Marilu, met a former US Ambassador.

Marilu participated in WorldBoston’s “Chat and Chowder” event where she met former US Ambassador to Austria, Swanee Hunt. Hunt spoke about her new book, "Rwandan Women Rising", at the event.

Chat & Chowder focused on women rising in Rwanda to fundamentally change their society in the aftermath of genocide and war. In the book, Ambassador Hunt highlights her experiences abroad and interviews Rwandan women.  

While at the event, Marilu participated in conversation with WorldBoston staff and senior leadership, and briefly spoke with the Ambassador about her experiences as a woman rising up in her own field.

WorldBoston, a non-profit organization, fosters international engagement and global cooperation by means of opportunities for learning and connection.

About ELS/Boston’s Super-Intensive English Program

ELS/Boston’s Super-Intensive English program focuses on English language training and professional development. Executives who attend this program are able to improve their language skills while practicing networking in authentic communications.  They can attend round-table discussions, networking events, and audit courses from prestigious universities.

About ELS/Boston

ELS/Boston is in a fun, urban setting in the heart of Boston. The Boston Commons, Government Center, Theater District, and Chinatown are all within walking distance from the Center.  To see some of these activities, search #ELSBostonDowntown on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 

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