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Increase your career-specific English proficiency with English for Executives. The ELS English for Executives program is perfect for busy professionals and college students who want to increase their confidence and enhance their future success in English-speaking work environments. In this program, you will take ELS General English group lessons including: Structure and Speaking, Vocabulary Enrichment, a lesson in the Language Technology Center, and additional one-on-one lessons designed to meet your individual business communication needs. The program features individualized learning plans, specialized content and support, and time to focus on your specific language challenges and goals.


  • Key language skills: listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary
  • Four 50-minute General English group lessons
  • Three 50-minute personalized, one-on-one lessons
  • Conversation practice using real-world English

English for Executives

  • ELS Levels Covered
    • 12 Levels: 101 (Beginner) to 112 (Masters) (only applicable for morning group lessons)
  • Maximum Students / Class
    • 15
    • 15 for morning group classes; private afternoon classes
  • Number of centers offered
    • 2
  • Lessons / Week
    • 35
  • Start Dates Annually
    • 13


ELS Vancouver (ID-04002) is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of British Columbia. Any program listed on this page, when contracted for more than 6 months or $4000 in tuition, is considered a PTIB approved program. Please visit www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca for more information.

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ELS offers 12 proficiency levels (Beginner to Masters), as well as placement testing to determine the level that best fits your abilities. At the end of every four-week session, if you successfully meet your level's requirements, you will move up to the next level. As you progress through the levels, your courses build upon the skills you learned in the lower levels and become more complex.
Levels 106
  • Communicates facts and opinions
  • Discusses and argues in a culturally acceptable way
  • Understands most questions and statements at normal speaking speed
  • Carries on conversations with native speakers
  • Uses English to shop, order food in restaurants and ask for directions
Levels 107/108/109
  • Communicates effectively in most social situations
  • Understands a wide range of idioms
  • Maintains extended conversations with native speakers
  • Participates fully in most conversations
Levels 110/111/112
  • Speaks and understands English with ease
  • Conducts business competently in English


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