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Meet the #MLOW2017 Winner: Jimena

شوال 06, 1438 4:00 م

Jimena Chacon Quesada is a winner of Many Languages, One World® 2017 and will be attending the Many Languages, One World Global Youth Forum in Boston and New York City!

Jimena is a winner in the Chinese language group and is originally from Costa Rica. Check out the video to learn more about Jimena and her upcoming trip to Boston and New York City.

To see what Jimena and the other Many Languages, One World 2017 winners are doing while in Boston and New York, join the conversation on your social media platforms using #MLOW2017!

To watch all of the winners present live in the General Assembly of the United Nations, visit: at 10:00 AM EDT on 21 July 2017! The presentations will be streamed live in the six official languages on the United Nations!

Watch our Facebook Live on 22 July 2017 where Jimena and some of our other winners will speak about their Many Languages, One World experience from the top of the One World Observatory at One World Trade Center! Follow our social media accounts to hear more updates on our Facebook Live!

To learn more about Many Languages, One World, click here!


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